Efia Odo begs for love – “who’s ready to mingle”

Ever since Efia Odo’s relationship with Kweku Revloe came to an end, Odo has remained her own self. And it has been very confusing as to whether she has moved on or she is still holding on to memories.

Even though Efia once said in an interview that she is ready to accept Revloe back in case he comes to apologize, it seems the wait is over for her since it’s taking too long to get the machine serviced again.

 Efia displayed a picture of herself on Instagram with the caption;

“TIME, definitely heals all wounds. Who is ready to mingle?”

She however surprisingly deleted the entire post a few minutes after posting it. Well, it seems Efia Odo is as confuse herself as we are here or just maybe some rich fine guy entered her DM sharp so there is no need for the advert to keep running lol.

Below is a screenshot of her deleted post that we managed to get for you.

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