Hummm, nothing Musa no go see for gate“. Majority of the loudmouth Ghanaian female celebrities are extremely poor and shamelessly seek for petty favours from various big men and women they meet in the course of their line of work.

Ironically, the poverty-stricken brash ones are the ones who always boastfully display their Togo made clothes and modified salvaged cars on their various social media pages.

Popular video vixen and supposed CEO of “Bodied By Edo” is currently sweating like a pregnant frog as famous Instagram blogger @Those_called_celebs has cruelly decided to dirty poor Efia Odo this early morning.

According to @Those_called_celebs who is known to have an eagle eye and usually drops the dirty secrets of our stars on her Ig page.

Efia Odo begged the CEO of Pinamang cosmetics for money to buy sofa chairs with the complaint that she feels ashamed anytime her friends visit her.

Because she has no proper chairs in her room for them to sit on forcing the guests to stand like soldiers at parade till they leave her house.

@Those_called_celbs also disclosed that Pinamang Cosmetics went to badmouth Efia Odo in Akuapim Poloo’s inbox after she sent Efia 10,000 cedis to sort herself out with the sofa chairs.

Check out the images below to know;



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