(Easiest Steps): How To Prepare Hibiscus Flower Drink Or Sobolo

Even though it is not scientifically certified and/ or proven, some people believe that the Hibiscus flower can cure or subdue the Novel Coronavirus if used for a local drink in Ghana called “Sobolo”. One of such people who advocates for Sobolo is Peace FM Sports maestro, Dan Kwaku Yeboah.

This publication aims at showing interested readers how to prepare “Sobolo” in a very easy way.

Things Needed:

Hibiscus flower, Cloves, Ginger, Suro wisa, Hwintsia, Water, Knife, Utensils, Source of fire, Pineapple, Blender, Sieve.

(Note: It was hard getting the English terms for some ingredients so they were written in Twi).

Steps or processes Involved:

– Soak the hibiscus leaves in water for 30 minutes. Wash the suro wisa, hwintia, cloves thoroughly and add the peeled ginger into your plugged blender (use the one with the dry mill) and blend for the smoothie.

– Peel your pineapple (make sure you have enough food with the peeled back) and add it to the soaked hibiscus flower.

– Add the blended ingredients into the new mixture (the hibiscus flower plus the pineapple back) with little water and put it on fire.

– Allow it to boil for 15 minutes.

– After boiling for 15 minutes, bring it down from the fire and put it on the floor for a while.

– The next step is to sieve the liquid content (the juice) out of the entire mixture.

– Cut the actual ‘pineapple food’ and blend using the normal blender with just a little water.

– Sieve the blended pineapple and add the juice to the “hibiscus flower” and other contents.

– Stir for total mix up.

– To get the sweetness of it, you can add a little honey which will help you use a little sugar. Without honey, you can use a preferable amount of sugar (based on your sugar intake) to get the sweetness.

Your “Sobolo” is now ready to be packaged into bottles or cans for freezing.

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