Diamond Appiah hot as Ayisha Modi drops scereenshots and audios of her badmouthing Moesha Boduong

It’s yet another new week and Ayisha Modi, Afia Schwar and musketeers won’t allow our ears to rest with their consistent beefs.

It can be recalled that just some few days ago, Diamond Appiah called out Ayisha Modi for lying to the general public that she spnd 1 billion old cedis on Moesha. She further asserted that Ayisha Modi hasn’t spent a dime on Moesha so her empty talks should be trashed.

She wrote on Instagram;

Everybody already know the Boss Ladies in Gh, They live in their Mansions n run their businesses. None of dem is doing live-in in America. don’t try hard to belong, take care of ur ailing health, Eat good food, find urself a decent accomadtion etc na I hear Ginger has thrown u out, I also hear Moesha’s family are still looking for the audio 1.7 billion oo 😀😀 anyway I promise I won’t even stoop to ur depressed sick level n respond to u again.

Ayisha Modi who is pained with this shade has dropped a chat about how the female real estate entrepreneur dissed Moesha to her and further described her as crazy.

In her post, she also bragged that he has evidence to prove that she has indeed, spent 1.7 billion old cedis on sick Moesha.

She wrote;

I talk with prove wai. I sent @moeshaboduong everything and all the audios and everything u said about her. The day U were telling me all that happened at her house and how badly u and Tracy was treated and how she doesn’t have any thing better to her name, How she is not Tracy’s friend.

Diamond ask @nana Akua ado what FUFUFUNU told her about you just 6 weeks ago. Don’t let them use u wai. Don’t let us talk about Moesha here, let allow her to rest because I have audios of you telling me that she’s crazy, I can’t go to my friend’s house and say ill about her like you did, the kind of insults you ruin on Moesha herrh, between you n me u know I have audios u sent me.

“With Moesha’s family issue, don’t even go there cos you and your squad were sacked when you went there, I don’t have any issue with Moesha’s family, Moesha is very grateful for whatever I have done for her, what did you and your mafia association say about your own friend, do you guys even know where Moesha is now? You keep throwing shade whiles you and the whole world know that I haven’t done anything to you, the 1.7 di3 evidence dey oo, never use the word ungrateful anywhere because u haven’t done anything for me.”,

Source: Gossips24.com

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