Desist From Sleeping With Movie Makers – Actor To Upcoming Actresses

Upcoming actresses have been advised to desist from sleeping with movie makers all in the name of becoming stars.

According to Ghanaian actor Bismark the Joke, such unpleasant acts cannot guarantee one stardom.

In his view, anyone seeking to hit the limelight would have to work on themselves instead of sleeping around with movie makers in order to become stars.

He told Fiifi Prat on Rainbow Radio 87.Fm that anyone seeking to hit the limelight, would to be exceptionally talented and make use of any given opportunity but not in the negative way.

Bismark the Joke said: the young actresses should know why they are coming into the industry. The job as an actress is not to become a star so when entering into the industry, you should know you are coming to work. You should not have the impression that you want to at all cost be a star.

Workon yourself, know what you want and don’t be so obsessed with being a star. If you have that impression, producers and directors may take advantage of you.”


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