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Comedian Ajeezay Consoles His Boss, Funny Face

Talented comedian cum part-time musician, Nathaniel Mensah aka Ajeezay, has so far shown that he’s one of the main men for the children in and around his hood just like his tight paddy Funny Face.

The only comedian with six-packs in his armpit as he is fondly known has really galvanized the kids’ love unto himself for a while now. He is surrounded by his fans and cheerful children anytime he steps out just like Funny Face. In respect to what is happening to the emotional state of Funny Face now, Ajeezay has wished him well. He made this known via a Facebook post. Ajeezay penned;

***I got closer to you and you opened some real private and personal happenings in your life to me and I understood you ! You have really been thru hell on earth and Harbored so much pain in your heart … but through all these turbulent moments you still kept moving ! You’re a hero ! A lot more folks couldn’t come out from what you have been through…some lost themselves & lives … Those watching from afar wouldn’t understand… Am Always thankful to Jehovah for your life ! … in life there’s always a time to cry out , revolve , evolve and resolve…. I send you strength and positivity in these trying times !! Soon all will be fine !! Bless up #EvolutionEP#NonfaKING ..***

We hope Funny Face would receive the needed attention in these trying times of his.

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