Coffin maker designs a D*ck shape coffin; Guess who it’s for

Coffin makers have over the years enhanced their creativity and they are taking it to the next level!

Nowadays, when a person dies, his occupation or position in live determines the kind of coffin he or she would be buried with.

Cocoa famers are buried with cocoa coffins, nurses and doctors are buried with syringe coffins, pilots are buried with aeroplane coffins, drivers are buried with car coffins and so on.

Syringe coffin
A syringe coffin

However womanizers and slay Queens are often buried with the normal coffins which ain’t fair!

So to cut everything short a Ghanian coffin maker in Tershie has designed a d*ck shape coffin for our dear brothers and sisters.

The picture of the coffin has gone viral on social media and people can’t have enough of it as it looks exactly as a d*ck

Social media users are still pondering over the coffin as they don’t know which profession in Ghana the  person going to use the coffin belongs to.

Social media user questions the profession of the deceased.
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