Clemento Suarez Advises Ghanaians To Recycle Plastic Waste To Save The Environment

Ghanaian comic actor and Kejetia vs Makola fame, Clemento Suarez, has called for the reduction of plastic use in the country.

According to him, he has taken the first step of reducing the amount of polythene bags he takes when he buys stuff.

The capital city, Accra, has received it’s fair share of floods this year and one of the major causes is plastic waste.

Some countries including, Rwanda, has successfully reduced plastic waste in the country through a ban and strict laws.

A lot of people have also encouraged the government of Ghana to follow suit to help reduce the incidence of floods in the country.

In a long Instagram post today, Clemento Suarez charged Ghanaians to take responsibility of our environment and help save it.

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Hi my name is Clemento Suarez.
Lately when i buy stuff i try my best to reduce the number of polythene bags i take. Sometimes you buy your food in rubber,they tie it,put in a black poly,tie it and finally put it in a “thank you or their customize poly bag”. We buy the smallest of items and take bags for them.All these rubbers will be thrown away and not reused or recycled. These plastics take years to decay. They make our environment dirty,they clog our gutters and destroy our land.
Some us have these rubbers at home (plenty)..put one in your bag,your car or even your pocket. In case you buy anything, you can put it in and just stop them from giving you another rubber.
Let’s help ourselves and our future. We need this beautiful earth alive even when we are no more. Captain Planet was not just cartoons for kids. We are the real planeteers. Let’s make Kwame(earth ring bearer)proud. A Ghanaian or African was the leader of an American animated television program. Big respect and big responsibility for us
Let’s all try to Reduce,Reuse and Recycle the plastic bags. Thank you wishing you all a profitable and environmentally minded new week.

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