Christian Atsu Frees Two Female Prisoners After Paying Fines

Two women have been set free from jail after Christian Atsu paid for their release through an initiative of Crime Check Foundation (CCF), headed by Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng.

Christian Atsu Frees Two Female Prisoners After Paying Fines
Christian Atsu Frees Two Female Prisoners After Paying Fines

Akyaa and one other woman (name undisclosed), who were both sentenced to a six-month and three-month jail term respectively, have been set free after the court fines for their release was settled by Christian Atsu and Crime Check Foundation presided over by Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng.

Akyaa, identified in prison uniform admits she stole five Ghana cedis (GHc5.00) from a neighbour to buy rice balls for her three children.

She claims her complainant tried to strangle her, so she had to fight back after pleading with her to forgive her, but her complainant wasn’t forgiving.

Akyaa was subsequently fined one thousand two hundred cedis (GHc 1,200) or in default, she had to serve six months in prison.

She was jailed after she failed to pay the fine.

Another woman, whose name was not disclosed, says she worked on a farm for six months for a man called Burger, who refused to pay for the services she rendered.

She narrates that Burger beat her up mercilessly one afternoon when she went to see him for her money. In her defense, she threw a stone at him, but the stone hit the windscreen of Burger’s car.

She was arraigned before the court and was fined one thousand cedis (GHc 1,000) by the court or in default had to serve three months.

She was also jailed, but claims she was not allowed to tell her side of the story in court.

Crime Check Foundation paid the fines of both women to enable their release from prison, the latter, from the Kumasi Central Prison.

‘‘The poor, as we have come to know, will continue to suffer the harsher side of the law. With no law on Community Service in Ghana, the prison will continue to accommodate more of those from the fringes of society,’’ a post shared by CCF on Facebook stated.

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