Chairman Wontumi Forces ‘Reluctant’ Delay To Return Back To Wontumi FM

Delay is reluctant to return to the airwaves as a radio host at the moment but Chairman Wontumi won’t take no as her answer.

With a similar enthusiasm that he used to bid for Chelsea’s purchase, the Ghanaian millionaire is now bidding for Delay to become a radio presenter at his radio station known as Wontumi Radio.

Four days ago, the Ghanaian TV host became a guest presenter at the radio station owned by the Ghanaian business mogul cum politician. “Tune in. Will be live on air at 4pm. My first time on radio in years. Hopefully, I remember how this done,” Delay said.

Following her performance on the show, she later caught up with Chairman Wontumi who told her in conversation that she has no choice that to start work at his radio station. “Delay on the 2nd you must start work, you cannot disappoint the fans,” he said.

The TV presenter replied “Chairman but I am not ready for radio” but he said, “you are ready, me whatever I want, I get it, I am Wontumi, you can’t delay me. You must work in Wontumi radio, thank you“.

Delay shared the video on her social media pages and said “Chairman WONTUMI is forcing me to come back on radio“.

The post has got her fans with most calling for her return to the airwaves.

Watch the video beow;

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