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Boko Haram gains momentum once again; Murders a pregnant woman and several others



Nigeria’s ill-famed militant group  [Boko Haram] have launched an attack on the people of  Damboa community-Borno state.


The notorious terrorist group have reportedly ended the lives of a pregnant woman and 5 others in the  Damboa community-Borno state.


According to sources, 7 others injured in the ambush. A victim who spoke to the media has also revealed that the insurgents stormed the town in seven gun trucks and 12 motorbikes and headed straight to the army base.


A resident said; 


It was our market day, villagers went to the market. As we were preparing to return to our homes, we heard cars passing; then shortly, we heard gunshots from the army base.

“The army engaged the insurgents for hours after which the Boko Haram fighters ran away. The people that were killed were people coming back from the market, they ran into the attack. Six civilians were killed, one pregnant woman, one Almajiri and four other men.




Source; Gossips24.com 

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