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Asiedu Nketia reveals how Rawlings made sure his cousin was prosecuted for shooting a woman

General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketia, has narrated how late Jerry John Rawlings fought against nepotism during his era.

He said the late Rawlings made sure the laws were equally applied to all regardless of the relationship he had with people.

Speaking in memory of the party’s Founder, Mr Nketia recounted how the former President, during the revolution era, made sure his cousin was tried and prosecuted for shooting a woman.

“I remember clearly that during the early stages of the revolution era, there were shortages in the economy and things were very hard and even people had to queue to buy kenkey. So I remember one time at Osu, a lot of people had queued to buy kenkey and there were soldiers around to make sure that no one jumps the queue. Then one man who claimed to be the cousin of Mr Rawlings shot into the crowd,” he said.

“The man then shot one woman who later died. The man was immediately arrested and sent to court. And knowing Rawlings, the judge feared and so decided to not convict the man but set him free,” he added.

Source: Gossips24.com

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