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Archbishop Duncan-Williams Bipolar Son, Daniel, Drops Hot Rap Video

The son of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, Daniel Duncan Williams, just closed the chapter on a brief period of a quiet life as he takes to the spotlight in a secular fashion.

Daniel took to social media to release a wild rap video of a song that is yet to be released.

Considering he professed to have changed from his wild ways, it’s a bit shocking seeing him act like he always did in the past.

Best known as the troublesome son of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, Daniel lived in a carefree fashion earlier this year.

He made his way into the public eye after being caught enjoying the company of not one but two ladies in a swimming pool. his rebellious lifestyle included smoking, drinking, and recording n*de videos for fun.

He was later picked up and sent for treatment where it came to light that he’s suffering from bipolar disorder.

After his treatment, Daniel claimed to have repented and apologized for disgracing his father’s reputation. He promised to never go back to being the prodigal son.

However, a new video that just hit the web shows him rapping.

Is Daniel headed back to the Lion’s Den?

Watch the video below…

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The person says ….heaven is not his home but by force saaaa u wanna put it on his neck😉🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Duncan Junior…..rap more na 🎤🎧🤣

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