Anita Afriyie Drops Names Of Gospel Musicians Who Use Juju

Gospel musician, Anita Afriyie has ignited the debate over whether or not gospel musicians in the country indeed use voodoo powers to promote their songs as said to be the practice among secular musicians.

She has unequivocally stated that a number of them are into the use of voodoo popularly known in the local parlance as ‘juju’ because their songs are not inspired by God in view of the sinful acts they have engaged themselves in though she refused to single such persons out.

Speaking in an interview on Kumasi-based Fox Fm, she said she observed that the use of juju by some gospel musicians is no longer strange because they are bent on still being relevant in the industry when they should have given their lives to Christ.

“The anointing which was making them do good music has gone. They have now turned the anointing to fornication and fornication we know is not acceptable in Gospel music”, she said

“One thing I have noticed is that is that when you are doing God’s work while you engage yourself in such act it shall never prosper unless maybe you go for juju”, she adds.

It would be recalled that the controversy surrounding allegations that Ghanaian musicians are engaging in voodoo to promote their music career gained some credence with a Kumasi-based gospel musician corroborating the claim.

Jak Alolome indicates that the situation is not peculiar to only gospel musicians but that those in secular music are worse off.

“It is true some gospel musicians are engaging in juju but those in secular music are also doing same”, he disclosed.

“I have heard some of my colleagues are into Juju but that is not the best for the industry. I am a true believing Christian Awww nd I know God is the only one who protects me and my music career and not any other god”, he emphasized.

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