It has ended in tears for Lilwin as Sandra Ababio brother-zones him after chopping his money

Some ladies are extremely wicked, they are will give you high hopes of permanently settling down with you but after chopping your money and acquiring other expensive kinds of stuff from you.

They either friendzone or brother zone leaving you at the tip of mercy and confused at the same time as to whether to continue showering her with gifts and money or stop the Father Christmas role you play in their lives.

Upon all the expensive gifts and trips Lilwin paid for the actress -Sandra Ababbio to enjoy, she has brother zoned the comic just because of the small coochie he wants to enjoy.

You might be living under a rock of you don’t know that Lilwin and Sandra Ababio were lovers sometime ago although they both have rubbished this claim on several occasions.

Whiles wishing Lilwin a happy birthday on her IG page today, Sandra Ababio capitalized on the occasion to make Lilwin know the real relationship between them – which is a brother and sister sort of affair.

At the moment, we have to cry for Lilwin because sika no ashi.


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