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American Presidents who were killed while in office – See Photos

Everyone knows America to be the epitome of Democracy however that was not the case in the previous years since 4 sitting presidents of the USA were assassinated while in office. Many other attempts were made on other heads of state.

Assassinated Presidents: Profiles of Them and Their Killers - History

Image of Lincoln being shot by Booth while sitting in a theater booth.

Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln was shot from behind on April 14 1865 at Ford’s Theater while he was watching a play with his wife. He died peacefully from his fatal wounds on the second day. He died as the 16 president of America

A black-and-white drawing of a crowd of people, some of whom are angry, the two foremost of whom are bearded and wearing top hats

James A. Garfield

James A. Garfield who is the 20th president of USA was shot twice in the back at a train station at 9:30 Am on Saturday July 2 1881 within 4 months of his election as President.

A black-and-white drawing of a crowd of people, one of whom is being watched by all the others, all standing under a draped banner

William McKinley

William McKinley was shot at close range to his death on Friday September 6 1901. He was killed in the Temple of Music while attending a Pan American festival. His assassinator was later arrested and executed by the electric chair.

John F. Kennedy

The current American President who was killed in office was John F. Kennedy. He was shot once in the head and on the back while on a motor convoy that caused the bullet to make way out his throat. The president was killed by former U.S marine Lee Harvey Oswald. Kennedy died on Friday November 22 at 1pm


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