All Those Saying I Steal Songs Are F00lish-Kuami Eugene

Ghanaian highlife musician Kuami Eugene has tagged all those who refer to him as being a thief who steals songs that have been made by others as f00lish people.

The Rockstar speaking during an interview revealed that people who go about claiming that he is into the business of sampling songs that people have sung to make his own do not have sense.

He further went ahead to reveal that he doesn’t steal song that has been done by people as the masses have been made to believe and anyone who says that is just jealous of his success story and want to pull him down.

Answering the question about him sampling songs of many people he stated saying;

“All those saying I steal songs are not sensible people because they are all f00lish because they do not think before they make some utterances”

Watch the video below;

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