Akufo Addo Need To Sit Up And Revive The Economy – Eddie Nartey

When COVID-19 was at its peak in Ghana, the first government of the land made the citizens understand that they should take good care of themselves because the economy could be revived but not the dead.

We are at a time when the country’s economy is on the verge of collapsing. A dollar now sells for 9.25 cedis, making people, including Actor and producer Eddie Nartey, revisit Akufo Addo’s statement he made in 2020.

Speaking in a recent interview with Larry Bozzlz on CTV, the actor made it known that Ghanaians are going through tough times now and the president has to revive the economy to help protect the citizens from inflation and other

In the interview, Eddie Nartey said:

“We don’t print money, we are all feeling it. If they increase fuel prices, whether you are a doctor or an actor, or even the president, you will feel it. We all buy it at an equal price.

It is not just me but I think everybody… When you do vote new people in government, you look for peace and things getting better and so that’s not what I expected but this is how things have taken turns to. It is crazy and bad, people are really complaining… There is so much inflation. Things have shot up.

Nana you really have to sit up and make sure the economy comes back to what it used to be because where things are going, people are complaining. Families are dying, things are really going bad. We are pleading with you, the ministers and the people who are in government to put in policies that are going to help the economy. Where we are heading to is too bad.”

Source: Gossips24.com

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