Akuapem Poloo blasts Sista Afia for sleeping with Ghanaian DJs

As one could see, Akuapem Poloo is not ending her beef with songstress Sista Afia anytime soon.

This follows Sista Afia’s subtle jab at the actress after she blasted the singer over her latest song, WMT which locally means ‘Wo Maame Tw3’.

Some lines in the song led to conclusions that Sista Afia was dissing Sister Derby with her song.

Poloo dared Fella Makafui to ask Sista Afia, her ally, whether she has never tasted Medikal’s d!ck. In plain words, Poloo stated that Afia has fuxked Medikal despite dating Fella.

She asked Fella and Afia to give Derby a break because she was the one who polished Medikal to become what he is today. Poloo cautioned both Fella and Afia to stop attacking Derby else she will release all their secrets.

Sista Afia in swift response came to throw a shade that someone has been naked on the internet for three years and was still single.

It was not that clear who the ‘Jeje’ singer was addressing but Akuapem to the shade as ‘world cup’ and oh – she has bounced again!

Sharing a screenshot of Sista Afia’s post, Poloo reiterated her earlier claim of the singer sleeping with Medikal. She also alleged that Sista Afia has been sleeping with DJs as well.

She wrote alongside; ‘‘And how many years have you been naked on social media and still fucking friends boyfriend and DJs aboataa bring yourself and you will see stupid fool can you tell your real age foolish pig”


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