Agya Koo Reveals How A Dumb Woman Got Healed After Watching His Movie In US

Alex Kofi Adu Mensah, aka Agya Koo, has made a shocking revelation about the impact his movies have had on people’s lives.

His movies have apparently healed many sick people abroad and in Ghana, he claims.

Agya koo told Kumasi’s Angel FM that one of his films healed a 7-year-mute Ghanaian-American woman.

He said the woman had been sick and unable to walk or speak for 7 years. A family movie with Agyakoo, she managed to talk during the movie’s funniest part.

“The mute woman in America had been disabled for 7 years. One day, while watching my movie, she decided to laugh, and something came out of her mouth. That day she was healed and spoke,” the veteran actor disclosed.

“Many pastors called me and said they prayed for the woman several times with anointing oil but she never got healed,” he revealed. Keep up the good work, Agya Koo.”

Forward to the 14th minute to listen to the story;

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