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After Failing to Prosecute Even A single Ant, Martin Amidu Resigns Disgracefully As Special Prosecutor

It is not news again since we reported earlier that the loudmouth Martin Amidu has resigned as the special prosecutor of the Republic of Ghana.

Many are blaming the system and the president following blindly the long letter he wrote to the media.

Not taking anything away from him and not saying the president should be left off the hook, Martin Amidu has proven time without number that he is a better storyteller than a prosecutor.

Two solid years after his appointment, all we can remember him of are the long letters he wrote to the media. One letter to the other without any single action. Not even a single prosecution in over 24 months. What a wasted time.

Mr. Amidu made all of us feel he was the messiah and the only incorruptible person left in Ghana. We rallied behind him and forced the hands of the president into creating a full office and made him the first-ever ‘Special Prosecutor’ in Ghana.

We didn’t just leave him there, An act was pushed by individuals and the media for laws to be made to support and make his office an independent one.

We blindly made this man the single most powerful person when it comes to the fight against corruption in the country but how foolish we were.

He sat in the big beautiful office for two years writing stories to the media and today as usual he wrote a very long letter to the press again citing the same reasons he was appointed as the reasons for his resignation.

How on earth is he expecting us to believe any word coming from him.

Martin Armidu in plain words just wasted a whole nation’s time and deserves to be punished for that. Playing ampe with a whole nation is more crimely than even corruption.

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