AB Crentsil Reveals Why He Uses ‘Profane’ Words in His Songs

Legendary Ghanaian High-life artiste, Alfred Benjamin Crentsil Jnr, better known as AB Crentsil has revealed in an interview that the reason why he was using secular words in his songs was to entertain his fans.

According to the contemporary highlife singer, every good song should either entertain, educate, inspire or it should carry a message that can motivate the listener.

The 76-year-old Highlife singer also noted that young artistes should try not to put aside our Highlife because it’s what makes Ghanaian musicians unique among other foreign artistes. He said this during an interview on TV3..


Alfred Benjamin popularly known by his stage name A. B. Crentsil is a Ghanaian musician born in 1943. He is one of the big three of contemporary Ghanaian vocalists. Crentsil has won numerous Ghanaian music awards including the Fontomfrom Evergreen Award, a special honour bestowed upon a musician with 15–20 years of continuous music experience.

Alfred Benjamin Crentsil Jr. was born in Prestea, Ghana, to the late Alfred Benjamin Crentsil Snr. and Esi Yaaba in 1943. He was always known as AB junior until his father died in 1984 and then he assumed the AB Crentsil name without the junior. He attended Takoradi Methodist Primary and Rev Cleveland Middle School respectively. After his middle-school examinations, AB worked as an electrical apprentice under his father, who was Works Superintendent of the technical branch of Ghana Railways at Takoradi.

A B Crentsil Songs

  1. Atia Special
  2. I Go Pay You Tomorrow
  3. Ye Wo Adze Oye
  4. Obeye Amawo
  5. Fakye Me
  6. Ewuraba
  7. Papa Samo
  8. Sokoo
  9. Owu Edwuma
  10. Biribi Dze Mu
  11. Ayen
  12. Juliana
  13. Landlord Abodwese
  14. Wo Be Ye
  15. Poor Man’s Life
  16. Yaa Ba
  17. Akono Bekum Hiani
  18. Obi Ne Dross
  19. Awoa
  20. Highlife Disco
  21. Angelina
  22. Montwe Mma Yen
  23. Abrokyire Nkomo
  24. Ma Mendwene Meho
  25. Moses
  26. Ebusua
  27. Spare Driver
  28. Gyae Su
  29. Devil
  30. Adam & Eve
  31. Mandingo
  32. Saman
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