A Plus apologizes to Abena Korkor after netizens slammed his wife

After his wife was brought into his feud with Abena Korkor – A Plus who body-shamed the mental health advocate and further described her as an improper fraction has apologized for insulting obese people.

A Plus‘s response to Abena Korkor’s post about him escalated after he published a photo he wickedly bashed her for being overweight.

He further added that she’s the technical definition of improper fraction and she looks like a lengthy division, mocking her stature and thickness.

Social media users who reacted to n A Plus’ post slammed him for body-shaming fat people a lady in an argument. The brave ones also dragged his wife into it, daring him to publish a bikini photo of his wife and compare it to Abena Korkor, so that the world can tell whose body is an improper fraction.

When his wife was dragged into the equation, A Plus had no choice but to apologize for body-shaming her. He then took to his page to issue an unreserved apology to overweight people for body shaming all of them, including his wife.

Take a look at his apology message from the post below to know more…


Source: Gossisp24.com


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