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60 years old man jailed for raping two year old baby- Judge says she wishes he dies in prison

News coming out is rather disturbing and disgusting.

A 60 years old man had been convicted of defiling his two year old grand child- Judge says she wishes the culprit dies in jail.

The presiding judge over the case Mrs. Dorinda Arthur Smith, of Cape Coast circuit court confessed that she wished the culprit dies in prison.

Details arising according to the Chief inspector is that the victim was playing when got out of sight.

The girl’s Aunt then informed the complaint she could her someone screaming that sounded like a child in the room of Appiah.

The witness then followed up and did well to break into the room only to find out that the poor baby was beign brutally raped by Appiah

She then hurridly set the baby free but saw something rhat fit the description of semen all over the legs of the baby.

The complaint then rightfully filed a complaint at Moree police station.

The baby is now undergoing medical checkups tratment and further counseling.

After the arrest of the culprit of this horrible crime the case was transferred to DOVVSU According to chief inspector of police

Source: Gosssips24.com

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