24-yr-Old Lady Confesses She Sleeps With Her Father And Loves Him Because He Is Good In Bed (+video)

A 24-year-old lady based in Takoradi has got social media buzzing with a staggering confession concerning her father.

A young lady based in Takoradi has got Ghanaians talking with a shocking revelation concerning her relationship with her father.

According to the lady, she has been having a secret affair with her biological father for almost four years now and won’t quit for anything in the world.

In a video shared by Gossips24.com, the lady shared her story on how she has been sleeping with her father. She told host of Takoradi-based Fox Fm, Samuel Mensah, aka Blaq Sam that, although she has a boyfriend, she chooses to have sex with her father out of pity, because her mother treated him unfairly.

The lady who claimed to have been sleeping with her father for the past four years also claimed that her father is wealthy and sexy.

She went on to note that her father is also better in bed than any other man she has ever slept with.

When asked if her boyfriend knows about her relationship with her father, the lady said that he does not know.

She further added that she won’t hesitate giving birth with her father because she loves him so much and will do anything for him. The girl in question owns a car which was given to her by her dad.


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