Founder and leader of Action Chapel International, Archbishop Duncan Williams has signalled that there is an impending doom hanging around the necks of mother Ghana if her citizens fail to pray ahead of 2020 Presidential elections, reports.

According to the esteemed cleric, the year 2020 is full of doom and destruction so all Ghanaian citizens including those in the diaspora should fervently pray for the nation and if possible embark on fasting.

Archbishop Duncan-Williams urged Ghanaians to pray against bloodshed, civil unrest and violence come December 7th, that is during the presidential elections.

In Duncan Williams’ own words:

We have to really put in a lot of prayer into this year’s election,” the renowned man of God said.

Every noon prayer, every Friday night prayer encounter in the garden, we have to pray for this nation, very important that there will be no state of emergency, any kind of civil uprising, confusion, violence and the shedding of innocent blood and destruction of property and the struggle of power over the destiny of our country, we have to pray.

2020 is a very interesting year, the twin year, we need to pray and intercede a lot for a peaceful election.

This revelation was publicly disclosed during a sermon Duncan Williams shared with his congregants yesterday.



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