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100Gh and A Piece of Cloth: That’s How Much NPP’s Hawa Koomson is Buying 1 Vote

It’s not surprising as elections in Ghana have turned into cocoa seasons for ordinary citizens as politicians shower them with all sorts of gifts just to be able to secure their votes.

From the presidential election right down to the election of a common unit committee member, vote buying has become a thing to look forward to in every single election in Ghana.

Photos circulation on social media puts NPP’s Hawa Koomson in the news once again for the wrong reasons as she shares 100gh and a piece of cloth in her constituency in an attempt to lure them into voting for her come December 7.

Mavis Hawa Koomson is the current Member of Parliament for Awutu Senya East Constituency and also doubles as the Minister of Special Development Initiatives.

Few months ago, she was in the news for pulling a gun and giving shots in a voter registration center and as expected, she was applauded and defended by her followers.

Today she’s not pulling a gun but pulling cash, yes she’s sharing 100gh and clothes in her constituency nicely package in a bag with the inscription “Toaso” and her picture beautifully printed on it!!

Yes, shes doing so well as she was rewarded by the president with a ministerial position so it’s expected that her constituents will also reward her with additional 4 years.

After all it’s not everyday you get 100Gh cedis for just using just your thumb.

We no get head for this country!!

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