10 Things About The MTN TurboNet You Never Knew

On the 30th of May, 2019, was when MTN Ghana officially launched the TurboNet router.

The TurboNet provides a 4G+ internet connection to its users.

This post is just to brief you about some of the things you need to know about the most talked about TurboNet.

Below are the 10 things to know about this internet device:

  • No cable required

With MTN TurboNet router, there’s no need for cabling as the device is full of 4G LTE device that operates on a 4G SIM card.

  • Does not work in 3G network area

The MTN TurboNet does not work in 3G zones since the router only support 4G network. So make sure your area hasa 4G connectivity before you buy the device.

  • Signal booster available

There is a signal booster attached to this device should in case you’re not getting enough signal for your internet device, there is a signal booster that can be purchased in addition to the device at any MTN service center.

  • Connects up to 32 devices simultaneously.

The device can connect up to 32 users simultaneously; that means up to 32 people can connect and use the device at a time.

  • Works in up to 100m distance range

Whenever you’re away from your MTN TurboNet router from a distance of 100m away, you can still enjoy wireless signal to surf the web.

  • Super-fast

With up to 300MBps of internet speed, this makes MTN TurboNet router the fastest internet connection in Ghana now.

  • Detachable SIM Card

A detachable SIM card is included to this device but suspended when removed from device and used in phone. When such happens, a user has to visit any nearby MTN office to get the SIM card working again. The SIM does not only stop working but a user loses the 5GB data that comes as free for 6 months if the SIM is removed.

  • Very Cheap

Looking at most of the 4G devices in the market, it costs more than the price of the MTN TurboNet router and for as low as GHS300, you can purchase this device and enjoy your fastest internet connection.

  • Data Bundles are affordable

Data bundles for MTN TurboNet are very cheap and with as low as GHS20, you can purchase 5GB data and enjoy the super-fast internet connection in Ghana.

  • Data packages come in two different categories

Data bundles can be purchased in two different categories. The unlimited data for businesses which is not capped and the capped bundles for home users.

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