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Women should have s3x with whoever they want – Popular actress advises

Popular actress, Dayo Amusa, has taken to social media platforms to reveal that women should be at liberty to have s3x with whomever they want without any fear of backlash from society.

According to her, women are social beings like men, hence, they should not be tied to marriage commitment before being intimate with any man.

“The ish I’m about to raise here now might probably offend some of you, even if it results in an unfollow, Iyen gan tun nice, she wrote”

“I enjoy having s3x. I mean good S3xual intercourse,” she added.

The actor who is also a singer that people should have s3x just for s3x sake.

She said, “You know the thing that people do that is acceptable in society if you’re married, or if you’re trying to conceive a baby or if you’ve been in a partnership with somebody for some time but most definitely not acceptable if you have s3x with somebody on the first date or if you have s3x with somebody that you don’t know all that well.”

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“Why can’t people just have s3x for the sake of having s3x? Why the actual fuck does a woman that enjoys having s3xual relationships with a partner or partners automatically make people jump to the conclusion that the woman doesn’t respect herself? Why does a woman have to justify herself? I don’t give a fuck if you sleep with 200 people or you’ve only ever been with 1 or none.”

“I don’t give a fuck if you’re sleeping with one partner, or you’re sleeping with two, three or twenty partners. I don’t give a fuck if you have s3x on the first date or wait until the 30th date. Want to know why I don’t give a fuck? Because it’s none of my fucking business.”

“You know your body, and at the end of the day it’s your body, therefore, you make the rules. Why are women being shamed for having s3xual relationships?”

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“The sad part is the majority of it is women shaming other women. SUPPORT EACH OTHER FOR FUCK SAKES. S3X IS A NATURAL HUMAN INTERACTION. Fuck who you want, when you want, where you want. You don’t owe an explanation to anybody. And you surely are not “disrespecting yourself” because you enjoy having s3x. Be transparent, and educate yourself before expressing such stupidity. But make sure you are playing safe o. Make safe choices.”

Her revelation has generated lots of reactions from her fans and followers, while some felt she was right, some felt s3x is a spiritual act and meant for married people, hence it should be kept as such.



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