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(VIDEO): Lady Chased Around And Hooted At For Wearing S3xy Attire In Town

Culture as the way of life of a group of people has the tendency to sharpen the way we perceive and see others outside our circles: today, tomorrow and the days ahead. Taking a closer look at some aspects of culture such as dressing, food, language, music and dance, etc, people have come to be identified by the way they talk, eat, dress or do things in general.

One thing is for sure that, one of the most copied aspects of culture is that of dressing. To some people, dressing is just about covering most parts of their bodies whilst others see dressing as a way to show off the depths of their pockets. Others also see dressing as a way of showing how classy, or fashionista-like they are.

Shockingly, some people are needlessly concerned about how others dress. To this effect, some go to the extent of harassing people because of how they dress.

A video circulating online depicts how a young woman was shamelessly harassed for wearing clothes she bought with her own money!

Watch the barbaric video below;

What is your take on this?

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