VIDEO: Kitchen Stool $ex Headmaster Finally Reveals How The Video Leaked

Former headmaster of Adumanu D/A Basic School, Robert Seppey has finally revealed how the $ex video of him and the young lady he slept with leaked.

Seppey in a interview with Kofi TV first of all clarified the rumours that suggested the girl in the video was underage.

According to the embattled headmaster, the girl in question is not underage and 16 years like it was reported, rather she was 18.

Seppey who was dismissed after the unfortunate incident disclosed that he and the girl were lovers and they both agreed to filmed the act.

Robert Seppey
Kitchen Stool Headmaster

He further explained that after filming the act, they deleted it but the video found its way into the girl’s memory card which was later given to the girls brother.

Per Seppey’s account the brother of the young lady had a hand in the leaking of the video.

Watch full interview below:

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