(VIDEO) “I Will Do Asahwo Till Am 21 Then I Marry”-Lady Confesses

A lady whose name has been identified as Sonka Maclaus has shared some shocking revelations about how she would want to live her life for the next three years before she finally gets married.

The lady who was spotted with a lot of tattoos speaking with her friends revealed that she is thinking about marriage one day but would first enjoy all the pleasures of life before committing herself to anything that would tie her down.

According to her, she’s going to continually f@ck herself till she is 21 then she tries and turns a new leaf for the man who would be so unlucky to have her as a wife.

According to the s3x worker, marriage is out of the equations for now since she is all about getting the money and also having good s3x.

Watch the video below;

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