The Youth Are Getting Throat Cancer Because Of Oral Sex-Health Expert

A Ghanaian health expert and Otolaryngologist, Dr. Kenneth Baidoo has finally come to reveal that a lot of the throat cancers that have been seen lately are due to oral sex.

According to the health expert Oral Sex poses a lot of harm to one’s self as it causes cancer of the throat.

Dr. Kenneth Baidoo who was speaking during a report by Atinka TV revealed that the youth of nowadays have become soo much into using your mouth, lips, or tongue to stimulate your partner’s genitals or anus.

According to Dr. Baidoo, there are counts of the younger generations between the ages of 30-40 involved in oral sex and with throat cancer and it narrows down with the high practice of oral sex among them.

“we get a lot of people coming to the hospitals with throat cancer due to having a lot of Rimming and blow jobs that is one of the man cause of the virus”

The health expert further added that should incase cancer of the throat is left unattended to it can develop into something known as  jaw explicit

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