The Vice President’s 500 Million Didn’t Reach What I Want To Use It For-TT

Ghanaian veteran actor Psalm Adjeteyfio popularly known as TT has come out to speak about the audio of him begging for leftovers after the vice president gave him a huge amount of money.

TT who was speaking during an interview revealed that he used 20k of the money given him by the vice president to buy a taxi for his son who was in need of a job to do so he can be able to feed himself.

He further went ahead to reveal that he used the remaining 30k to buy two plots of lands which he paid for only one and is left with 30k to pay for the remaining 1 plot.

According to the veteran actor, the money that was given him by the president couldn’t reach what he had in mind to do with the money.

The actor who is loved for his famous taxi driver series speaking about the leaked audio revealed that Mzgee is not to be blamed for the audio coming out as she has helped her a lot in the past.

Watch the video below;

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