The lady in the sex leak video circulating around is not me – Sista Afia

The Snapchat blogger who came out few days ago to drag lot of celebrities name into mud had brought out a video where a man was inserting his legs into some ‘fat toto’. The Snapchat blogger alleged that was Ghanaian songstress, Sista Afia.

Few hours ago, Sista Afia has finally dropped the untenable evidence to show that the notorious Snapchat blogger with the username Fatp*ssy055 is a very big scammer and liar.

In an Instagram post sighted some moments ago, she shares a screenshot which shows that the video was picked from Pornhub, a very popular pornography website to tarnish her hard-earned image.

Sista Afia also makes the point that her plan initially was to ignore this but because of the respect she has for her fans, she decided to present the evidence which clears her of the allegations.

“I am not the type to prove myself to anyone but y’all made me ”SISTA AFIA” so respectful I owe my fans , I have kids, young and old who enjoy my music and craft so I won’t allow this to slide ! The lady in that video circulating around wasn’t me and there the prove thank you !” the Jeje’ hitmaker wrote in the post sighted.

To why this notorious Snapchat blogger is doing this, we can’t tell but it seems all the celebrities are denying everything he or she claimed with evidence too.

Watch Sista Afia main post below.

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