Shut Up, Dr Likee has had more impact on the movie industry than you – Ruthy Of Nhyira FM jabs Lilwin (Screenshot)

Ruthy of Nhyira FM who is noted for her unbias sentiments about trending issues has fired Lilwin for saying that Dr. Likee shouldn’t be compared to him.

Just three days ago, Lilwin stated point-blank in an interview with Zionfelix that he’s matchless in the movie industry therefore there’s no way Dr Likee‘s feat should be compared to his legendary status.

These rants followed after Dr Likee who is now the nation’s favorite refused to greet him at an event by employing a fake call.

Whiles reacting to this issue, Ruthy has also argued that Dr Likee has had more impact in the movie industry than Lilwin because he has groomed a lot of young talents through his Youtube comedy skits

She also slammed Lilwin for failing to raise just a single star although he claims to be a legend.

Ruthy wrote on her FB page that;

Huh LilWin…

I feel it’s needless to say this cause someone who’s below your “level and legendary” status has offered “tangible legacy”; raising stars (Kyekyeku and co.) to become household names.

Dr Likee in less than 2 years has offered his guys opportunities to travel and experience life outside GH – Dubai, but with your “legendary and level status”, we yet to see an uprising star from your camp🤔🤔

It was “unhealthy” statement and it will let the world have different perspective about you.. Sometimes things are better when unsaid… #Proverbs17_28…

I’m just disappointed by this statement


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