‘She Disgraced Me So Many Times’ – Amanda Jissih On Sour Relationship With MzGee (VIDEO)

Ghanaian media personality, Amanda Jissih has opened up about reports that she has a silent quarrel with MzGee.

The sour relationship between the former Multimedia workers became obvious after Amanda criticized MzGee over the leaked T.T audio. Recently, the two refused to acknowledge each other after meeting a function.

Over the weekend, Amanda Jissih whilst speaking on UTV where gave her account of her non-existing relationship with MzGee.

According to her, their estranged relationship dates to when they worked together in the same media house.

Prior to that, at the time we were both at Multimedia… Honestly, if you ask me to swear on any altar, I will swear on any altar to tell you the truth that I don’t know what I have done to her. But I knew she had issues with Doreen Avio. And Doreen was close to me.

“For so many months, when I greet her, she doesn’t respond. I didn’t really take it personally. So I also stopped saying hello. If you don’t want to be friendly to me, I won’t be friendly too because I know very well that I have done nothing against you,” she said.

She further revealed that although at a point in time she had suffered so much humiliation from MzGee.

So when I left that place (Multimedia) and someone told me that she (MzGee) wants to talk to me. And I said I’ll talk about it later because she has disgraced me so many times. When I greet her in public places, she doesn’t respond.

When we meet at events, she walks past me. So when people started commenting, that’s not the first time. If she has does a mistake somewhere, I cannot pick up the phone and call to tell her she’s wrong because she won’t welcome me,” Amanda Jissih said.

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