Research: Women Use Electronic Toothbrush Whiles Men Use Pineapple Juice To Masturbate

A research has stumbled upon, reveals how women and men use sex toys to spice up their s3x life.

According to the research using a s3x toy makes a woman’s orgasm lasts 17% longer which is why most women have resorted to using sex toys to climax themselves.

It was also revealed that men on the other hand use pineapple juice and toothpaste to masturbate and last longer in bed respectively.

The researched went ahead and talked about how women nowadays use bathroom tools to masturbate.

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Per the research, a quick survey on social media revealed that, most women use electric toothbrush to reach orgasm.

It was asked in a Reddit forum if anyone has masturbated with an electric toothbrush before, and someone answered ‘it works in an emergency’

One person also tweeted “Did anyone not use an electric toothbrush to masturbate as a teen?”, this was captured in the research.

Although using these s3x toys may spice up your s3x life, it’s equally dangerous to your genital health.

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Health experts have proven that using pineapple juice or toothbrush to masturbate or last longer in bed can lead to an infection which is why they’ve warned men not to masturbate with pineapple juice or rub their penises with toothpaste.

They also advised women to desist from using electric toothbrush to masturbate as it can damage their genitals.


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