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Powder Guy of Date Rush finally speaks after chopping and dumping Ruby

TV3 Date Rush Season 4 couples, Powder Guy and Ruby are trending on social media for the wrong reasons.

During the Season 4 reunion edition which is the season’s finale, Ruby revealed how Powder guy ate her food and enjoyed good s#x yet dumped her.

Prior to the end of the season, Ruby recounted the different s3x styles including his favourite, yet it was not enough for him stay with one woman. This comes after Ruby allegedly caught him cheating with another girl.

She tweeted;

“For the past few months now, my love for @thepowderguy has been challenging, knowing very well I did all I can to save the relationship.. now I can’t anymore… no one should ask why but I only know why 😭😭😭 I won’t go back to #daterush to find love .. hope he comes back.

U better explain why u cheated and give better explanations as to why u missed my calls that evening.. after coming to wait for u at McCarthy hill .. really? Do I look angry for attention? Maybe I cox u do me juju 👹.. but that juju aka for girls has expired .. my eyes are clear”.

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“Herh !! After all the s** styles I romantically gave u .. and ur favourite style…..Advice to my ladies s*x doesn’t keep a man..”

Reacting to the accusations from Ruby, Powder Guy stated that she’s nothing but a drama queen who is only seeking attention to become famous.

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He tweeted;

You come up with heresy for people to say I’m the bad one here. Huh smh. Drama queen it won’t work. Attention failed.

See screenshot below:

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