No One In Ghana Has What It Takes To Be A Celebrity – Kwaisey Pee

Ghanaian Highlife musician known in showbiz circles as Kwaisey Pee voiced out that no one in Ghana deserves to be called a celebrity.

Wikipedia defines celebrity as the fame and public attention accorded by the mass media to individuals or groups or, occasionally, animals, but is usually applied to the persons or groups of people themselves who receive such a status of fame and attention.

However, the part of the world that we come from gives us the impression that a celebrity is merely anyone who does something crazy such as releasing nude pictures, et al.

Irrespective of the fact that most people shoot into the space and get talked about, most entertainment pundits and gurus have criticized how the status is being attained here in Ghana.

In an interview with HitzFm this today, 28th February 2019, the Mehia Odo, hitmaker revealed that he hates being called a celebrity and that he personally, doesn’t like that word – celebrity.

“I don’t like the word celebrity”, he told KMJ.

He added that so far as he is concerned, one has to do more than the definition given and how the accolade is earned. In his view, no person in Ghana has what it takes to be called a celebrity.

“No person in Ghana has what it takes to be called a celebrity,” he added.

Currently, he is managed by Nana Poku Ashis former manager of Kwabena Kwabena, Kumi Guitar, Ofori Amponsa. Kwaisey Pee was recently in the news when he pleaded with presenters and DJ’s to grant him the necessary airplay he needs as artistes.

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