My Wife Makes Me Lick Her Armpit And Toes During S3x- Man Seeks Help

A young man has taken to social media to seek the help of the masses after he revealed that his wife who he recently got married to has been asking him to lick his armpit and toes whenever they are having sex.

According to the man who revealed that he is a banker and is married to a nurse for 3 months now revealed that they sat down and decided to abstain from sex till they got married but a very bizarre incident happened after they got married and went on their honeymoon.

The man revealed that his wife during their s3x asked him to smack her bum with a belt which he obliged but the lady kept asking him to do it harder which he did because he thought she was just a bit kinky.

He further on revealed that his wife at a point asked him to lick her armpits and toes which he also did because he didn’t want to ruin her first night but the incident has continued ever since as his wife revealed to him that she only gets turned on when he licks his armpit and toes.

Taking to Facebook the young man asked for help so she can help her wife come back to normal.

Read his post below;

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