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More Students Of Professor Gyampo And Dr Butakor Share Their S3xual Abuse Experiences With Them On Social Media (video)

Some former female students of indicted Lecturers of University of Ghana, Professor Ransford Gyampo and Dr Paul Kwame Butakor have shared screenshots of their s*xual abuse experiences with them on Facebook.

They shared the screenshots of their s*xual abuse experiences with Dr Butakor and Professor Gyampo on the Facebook page of the feminist movement, ‘Pepperdem Ministries’.

The s*xual abuse experiences by these former female students are damning─and not good as they’ll go a long way to drag their hard-earned reputations in the mud.

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Meanwhile, one popular feminist, Dela Goldheart, an Alumni of the University of Ghana has also shared her s*xual abuse experiences with Professor Gyampo.

According to her, Professor Gyampo started pestering her right from level 100 until she graduated.

Check the video below.

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