Location For Eugene Osafo and Victoria Lebene’s Secret Wedding Leaked!

Nothing hides under the sun! Just when they – Eugene Osafo and Victoria Lebene – thought they were hiding their wedding from us, it’s rather all over the place.

Eugene Osafo and Victoria Lebene are getting married next week, on June 11th, as Gossips24.com revealed in a report yesterday.

We promised on digging to uncover all the details for our readers and yes, we have delivered our promise as the best Entertainment Gossip hub in Africa.

The wedding between the lovebirds is set to be held at the Rehab Beach Club in South La near the Sandbox Beach, Ghpage.Com has learned.

As already mentioned, it comes off on Tuesday, June 11th June 2019 — and invitations have been sent out.

Gossips24.com promises to share exclusive photos and videos from the wedding with our readers in the coming days.

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