‘Let’s Have Pity On TT, Let’s Not Be Harsh On Him’ – Yvonne Nelson Begs Ghanaians

Ghanaian actress and movie producer Yvonne Nelson has defended veteran actor Psalm Adjeteyfio.

The voice note of renowned actor Psalm Adjeteyfio, also known by his stage name T.T, requesting leftovers from media icon MzGee’s kitchen was leaked on social media.

Many people chastised T.T. for begging for leftovers after receiving a significant payment from the vice president.

In response to T.T’s death, Yvonne Nelson stated in an interview on Accra FM on Thursday, January 20th, “I feel awful and I’ll be praying for him.”

“It has already occurred, and how we are going to treat it is crucial.”

When dealing with people who have health problems, one must use extreme caution… “You can have a lot of money, say $100,000 in your account, but if you get sick and spend all of it on your health, that doesn’t mean you’re broke or anything; it just means you need help,” she explained.

What if he had a lot of money and spent it all on his health? It could happen to anybody; we never know what the future holds.

“”He may have done a few things here and there that people are questioning, but this is someone who needs care, so if you know you won’t offer it to him, respect him as an older guy,” she said.

Yvonne went on to say that compassion is needed because failing health can strike anyone at any time.

“I have no idea what the future holds for me; I have no idea what will happen in the future, and I have no right to criticize anyone.” Let’s not be harsh, let’s have a heart and know how we approach some of these things because it could happen to you, your family member, your mother, it could happen to anybody close to you that you love,” she ended.

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