Leila Djansi slams critics who are roasting Ama K Abebrese for supporting the LGBTQ+ community in the country

Celebrated Ghanaian US-based filmmaker, Leila Djansi, has brutally slammed all the critics who have jumped on the neck of Ama K Aberebree for openly supporting the LGBTQ+ community in the country and also advocating for the legalization of homosexuality in the country.

According to the female media guru, all those who speak against the freedom of homosexuals in the country are hypocrites.

She also listed a number of lifestyles that are deemed evil according to the Bible but all those who are angry at homosexuals for choosing a different s3x path do practise such acts in secrecy.

she wrote;

 #Ghanasocial media needs to stop attacking Ama K Abebrese. Come on y’all! Enough with the derogatory comments.Most of y’all abusing her for standing with the gay community fall into the following categories:

1. Fuckboys. All you care about is how many girls you can have casual sex with. You don’t have 5000ghc in your account but you want to have sex? And condemn lgbt? You’ve not earned the right.

2. You keep multiple sex partners and you don’t even use protection. You engage in sex for Brazilian hair, pizza, momo, Aqua Safari vacation and designer shoes and bags. Please take several seats!

3. You engage in threesomes. Shut up. Please

.4. Your bathroom is littered with sex toys of different shapes and sizes. You even use eggplant and green plantains. (Ola banana). You say what now?

5. Those calling God into the matter, okkkkk. Are you even right before God? Are you obeying ALL the commandments?Please fight for the 10 yr old with Down syndrome who got raped anally and vaginally inSaviefe Agorkpo and leave the gay community to breathe. Who made you judge over the morals of two consenting adults?

You don’t condemn the rape of kids or husbands raping wives. The hypocrisy. Urgh! Citizens who burn humans alive say what?Ghanaians howled with laughter when Jimah sodomized Pabi in the film Sinking Sands. You guys share leaked sex tapes like manna falling from heaven. What right have you earned to pick and choose which “sin” is bigger?

Please face your true fear. Ghanaians/Africans don’t have a problem with lesbians, that’s kinky. Y’all have a problem with gay men because you cannot bear the thought of your fellow man succumbing to the indignity you subject women to when the lights go out.

You don’t have sex with women cos you love them, but cos it’s a conquest.He who is without sin, cast the first stone. Instead of fighting what you don’t understand, try to understand and have empathy.

Source: Gossips24.com

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