Leaked Video: Mahama Won’t Be Happy, Watch How His Daughter, Farida Wildly Twerk In Small Pant.

A video of Farida Mahama, a daughter of ex-president John Mahama has pop online and has left Netizens in non stop talking.

In 1 minute 39 seconds self made video, Farida who is in her teen was captured unrestrainedly twerking to her followers on social media.

It could be heard from the video saying ” I’m not a professional tweker but let me teach you how to do up and down”

Since the video dropped the online Community has devided into two; while others commending her for her twerking skill others says is indecent of her because of the father’s reputation.

“Disadvantage of having a popular or prominent person in your family… you can’t twerk in peace,” an Instagrammer user after watching the video and another said, “awww the kid go find trouble give her father. Npp squad will use it for propaganda”.

Lifestyle of Public figures seems confined, what is news about a teenager twerking in today’s world?

Why must the she not live life as a young individual.

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Kindly watch the video :

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