Kwasi Ernest Promises To Beat The Hell Out Of Akuapem Polo – SEE WHY

CEO of Media Excel, Ernest Kwasi Ennim, has joined the train of people who want Akuapem Polo’s head after the video vixen and model published naked photos of herself.

The vvideo vixen on vals day posted x-rated photos of herself and has since then not known peace. Just yesterday, the chiefs of Okuapeman descended on the model and asked her to detach the name ‘Akuapem’ from her brand.

She was given the option to keep the name and stop fooling, but i appears, Sister Polo, can’t do without fooling for the trends.

The Media Excel boss, Ernest Kwasi Ennin has also blasted her for sharing semi-nude photos on valentine’s day.

According to the Gospel artist manager, the lifestyle of the young female is unethical and cannot be compared to a typical Akuapem lady.

“I don’t know what Akuapem Poloo is looking for with Showbiz. I’m thinking that she is just looking for an unnecessary hype which isn’t sensible for a young lady of her type. I’m sure we all belong to families but from my childhood days, I haven’t seen a typical Akuapem girl being wayward like her type,” he said.

“Because bloggers are using her for write-ups for fun, she is living her life and people are excited and writing about it but practically if you ask me, I’m thinking that she’s being stupid and going wayward too much.”

“The level of her waywardness is getting out of hand and it’s important for somebody to tell her in the face that Ghana has a culture and because of our children’s future and what we are doing today, posterity will one day judge all of us if we refuse to point out the truth to people and tell them how stupid they are and correct them for the future,“ he added.

According to Ernest Kwasi Ennin, Ms Brown is defaming the image of Akuapeman with her wayward lifestyle that society disapproves of.

“If you’re a celebrity, you need to live by example. If you say you’re a role model, who are you a role model to? Is it to your family members or to the trees in Akuapem. You’re role model to society so you must be conscious and have a lifestyle that sings with what society has approved. I went to her page and read comments about followers supporting her almost naked valentine photos but she should be mindful that those people don’t love her.”

“I’m very much disappointed in her or whatever she is trying to champion. If she is looking for fame, she should go to television stations and buy air time for that instead of promoting nudity and all these twerking she is promoting on her page. It is not desirable for a young lady of her type to do that. If it’s fine for her, it’s never fine for our society.”

He vowed to flog Akuapem Poloo if she goes naked again and shares on social media.

“The next time I see her naked, I Ernest Kwasi Ennin will personally come to her house and give her some lashes to stop that nonsense because she has to be cultured. I hate it when women born and created in the image of God go naked.”

“The whole of Ghana the best place to find discipline is Akuapem so I’m surprised why this young lady with a child behaving like a stray dog.”

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