Kumawood Actress Goes N@ked In A Live Interview

As if we have not seen enough, another Beautiful Kumawood actress identified as Yaa Gyamfua has gone n@ked in a live interview in her quest to show how good an actress she is.

In the video which is fast going viral on social media, the actress was asked why she always plays a n#dity role and her response was that the directors are the ones who ask her to act that way and since she’s confident of herself, she does it and does it well.

She was then dared to prove her confidence to the camera and she was quick to remove her clothes exposing her melons to the screens.

The interviewee who was amazed at her confidence of removing her dress dared her to remove her trousers which she started but was later asked to stop since she has already proven enough.

Watch the video below…

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