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Kafui Danku Shares Trick On How Men Can Know When A Woman Wants Money After S3x

Women are full of complexities and for one to understand them fully, one must have lived his life with them throughout.

Ghanaian actress and movie producer Kafui Danku has tipped Ghanaian men on how to decipher when a woman wants money after sexual intercourse.

Women, for a fact, love money and after the action, although only a few will not show signs of asking for money a majority want a take-home gift in cash or in-kind and Kafui Danku presents the trick to knowing if your woman wants money.

According to Kafui Danku in a post of her Instagram page, when she starts to draw something you can’t see on your chest after having sex with her, she is not being romantic but rather coming to ask for money.

See the screenshot below;

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