I’m Still A Virgin – Ghanaian Transgender Ohemartin Reveals

Ohemartin in his interview with Delay made it clear that he hasnt done anything to alter his looks and that the as$ and bo0bs he possesses are natural.

He also stated that he became conscious of his feelings to be a lady despite the fact that he has a male s3x organ at age 10 and he has since respected what his body was calling for.

To him, there is nothing wrong with his current looks because God himself said in His word that everyone is supposed to come as they are.

Ohemartin has also been questioned on his choice of washrooms when he is in public and he has revealed that he mostly uses the ladies.

He explained that he doesn’t feel like he is infringing on the rights of ladies when he uses their washroom because guys also see him as a lady intruding their space when he uses the gents too.

Watch the full video below;

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